Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Episode 06: It's What You Leave

After reading some interesting new rules for Ontario players qualifying for the Nationals, Matt and Valerie talk handicaps with a couple players who travel far for competition and talk memories with a man who played two Canadian snooker legends (possibly not who you'd expect).

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(Note: since some of the rules were read for the podcast, their wording has been changed and at least one line omitted, but the rules themselves seem to remain in place.)

OSA @ Snookerline
Billiards @ Plaza Bowl in Sudbury (Ontario)
George Chenier @ Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
Paul Thornley newspaper article from 1970
Paul Thornley and current Canadian champ Alex Pagulayan (Billiards Digest, 1994)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Episode 05: Breaking and Brushing

Nursing an injured foot, Matt stays in to try out and watch what he considers Ronnie O'Sullivan's "awesomest" 147 yet, then he ventures to the club to demonstrate brushing tables and explain why it's important.

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Watch the Ronnie video along with Matt!
Brushes and blocks @

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Episode 04: A Tale of Two Clubs

While Matt puts on his first snooker tournament in Canada, he and Valerie look back on a visit to a Rileys Sports Bar in rainy Manchester UK and a trip to a downtown Toronto pool hall where Matt got a hard lesson in diplomacy.

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Weekly Annex Snooker Tournament Facebook page
Official Rileys Site
New Times Square Billiards

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Episode 03: The Canadians, 2011

The Canadian Snooker Championship Trophy
A very personal odyssey through the national snooker championships includes a street festival, a discussion of regional challenges, singing Michael Jackson songs and - of course - coffee and donuts.
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(Hey, It didn't make it in the final edit but we want to give props to Denise Belanger and everyone else who helped with the Ustream channel at Shooters this year. It really added a lot to the event and brought in great interest. Thanks!)

The Open Snooker Final Drawsheet (Matt was Group F)
Canadian Cue Sports Championships @ CBSA
Video of Matt playing Day 3 @ Ustream
And here's a minute from Day 1 (embedded via Facebook):

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Episode 02: Keynsham Snooker Centre

While on holiday back home in the UK, Matt takes Valerie to a club where he spent much of his "snooker youth" and talks with old friends about what went on behind the scenes at the Worlds, local leagues and tournaments still going strong, and a legend who got put in his place.

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Keynsham Snooker Centre site
KSC on Facebook
This Is Bath article on Judd Trump leaving KSC in 2009
Jimmy White Exhibition, 2007

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Episode 01: Watching the Ace

From suspiciously-obtained internet video streams, we watch the amazing World Championship journey of Judd Trump, with whom Matt shares a hometown, much tournament competition in nearby Keynsham, a past as a prodigy and a penchant for taking the big risky shot.

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Interview with Judd in The Guardian

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Episode 00: Opening Break

Welcome! And don't judge us by this one! From the site of the Canadian Snooker Championships (er, in a couple months) to a Tim Horton's coffee place, we lay the foundations of the podcast to come.

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